Qabale Tari Roba

Program Associate

I am a dedicated Public Health Officer with a Master’s degree in Sanitation and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Meru University of Science and Technology. With a solid background spanning four years, my professional focus has been on health education, community mobilization, faecal sludge management, and research across both rural and urban settings in the public and private sectors.

I possess a range of core competencies, including the implementation of participatory development methodologies for Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS), execution of health promotion and awareness campaigns, facilitation of research initiatives, and the monitoring and evaluation of health and sanitation projects.

Driven by my career objective, I am determined to apply my expertise and experience to foster sustainable health and empowerment within communities. I am committed to employing evidence-based approaches, promoting community engagement, and implementing innovative strategies to effectively address public health challenges, with a specific focus on sanitation.

In summary, I am a passionate professional dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of public health. Through my expertise in community-led initiatives, health promotion, research, and project management, I strive to contribute to the advancement of public health and the well-being of communities.

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