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Reaping the rewards of Agriculture leads to Keeping the Promise, Improving Lives and Building Futures.


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When you walk into Kangirega Farm, you can see that there are positive trends and definite signs that malnutrition cases are being managed through IMPACT, a project by PanAfricare that is aimed at doing that. Heart-to-heart testimonies are visible and the green vegetables and harvests can confirm that with support from IMPACT, various households have access to nutritious foods.

The farm is integrated with a number of crops and is currently benefiting at least thirty farmers directly with a larger number of indirect beneficiaries. Each member has 0.5 acres that they use to grow highly nutritious crops.

Speaking to various beneficiaries, one can feel their gratitude and commitment from them as they spend the day ploughing the farms and other harvesting vegetables for their evening meal.

One such person is Sarah Epua, a lactating mother of four. Sarah is an active farmer who spends her time working in the farm because that is where she gets her daily income as well as vegetables for her family. She is currently growing sweet potatoes, green grams, maize, pumpkin and sorghum.

“Before the program, life was tough and my children were very thin because of lack of food. Now I can sell my vegetables and even the livestock have increased because I am feeding them using the maize stocks from my harvests during the long dry seasons. I appreciate PanAfricare, my life has changed.”

Indeed Sarah is a testament that the number of repeat harvests and sustainability as swell as resilience has led to a better life, both at reducing malnutrition and improved household income. There is still more that needs to be done to support more committed farmers in marketing their produce.

If what Sarah and her fellow farmers are saying and practicing is anything to go by, a brighter life and food-secure population is guaranteed.

Story by Peter Outa, Communications Specialist, PanAfricare Kenya