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50+ years of experience in African development projects

PanAfricare Kenya is part of wider PanAfricare network that was established in July 2020. PanAfricare Kenya builds on technical and operational experience Africare has gained over the past decades of its existence to continue to serve African populations. PanAfricare is one of the most experienced development organizations of its kind in Africa. Though under a new identity, its well-tested and successful approaches are rooted in over fifty years of development experience. PanAfricare is the future of Africa and development in Africa led by Africans.

Transforming Kenya

Our Mission

PanAfricare seeks to implement synergistic activities to improve Health, Agriculture and Capacity Building of communities in Africa for the benefit of present and future generations. 

PanAfricare Kenya builds on all the experience Africare has gained over the past decades of working in Africa in order to serve Kenyan populations.

Our Vision

PanAfricare is committed to the fundamental principles of delivering on the promise of Improving Life in Africa.

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