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Turkana: Christine Munyes’ Journey of Resilience


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Christine Munyes, a resilient mother of six, is a dedicated female farmer hailing from Katilu Ward in Turkana South Sub-County. A fixture at Kangirega Farm, she diligently oversees the pre and post-harvest activities on her plot of land that she got from another member of the community who had left the land bare for a couple of months

Christine is one of the thirty identified direct beneficiaries of the IMPACT Program at the farm.

Collaborating with her neighbors, Mary spearheaded the arduous task of clearing the land, leading to the successful cultivation of a diverse array of crops. Presently, her fields boast a vibrant assortment of produce, including cow peas, sweet potatoes and sorghum.

Over the years, she has undergone comprehensive training in an array of critical agricultural practices. One fundamental training was on the Water Users Association and the formation of water management committees comprising of the farmers and other indirect beneficiaries who were using the water for livestock and household use. Through the program, we have also been able to fence the farm as well as build a water trough for the livestock. This has significantly reduced conflicts such as grazers getting into the farm.

Animals take water at Kangeriga

Demonstrating her commitment to the community, Christine enthusiastically imparts the knowledge gleaned from these experiences to her fellow beneficiaries within the program.

The fruits of her guidance and hands-on training have manifested in robust and healthy vegetable harvests. These bountiful yields not only supply her family with nourishing meals but also furnish an additional, self-sustaining source of income. Christine’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of agricultural knowledge and community collaboration, illustrating the value of the IMPACT Program to individuals and communities alike.


Story by Peter Outa, Communications Specialist, PanAfricare Kenya