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PanAfricare Drives Collaborative COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts in Makueni


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PanAfricare recently facilitated a crucial stakeholder meeting in Makueni County, Kenya, focused on the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination efforts. The meeting served as a platform for discussing the current state of vaccination in the county, reviewing the Vaccination flip book, and formulating a comprehensive work plan for an effective COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Promoting Collaboration and Evaluation

The stakeholders meeting convened representatives from various sectors, including religious leaders, the media personnel and Ministry of Health officials. It fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing among the attendees, enabling them to exchange insights, challenges, and success stories related to vaccination campaigns. This collaborative approach aimed to identify gaps, improve existing strategies, and explore innovative solutions for achieving equitable vaccine distribution and uptake.

Reviewing the Vaccination Flip Book

During the meeting, PanAfricare presented the Vaccination flip book—a comprehensive resource that encapsulates essential information about COVID-19 vaccines, their effectiveness, safety, and distribution. This valuable tool will serve as a reference guide for stakeholders, enabling them to address concerns, dispel myths, and ensure accurate information reaches the community. By promoting vaccine literacy, the flip book will empower stakeholders to become effective advocates for vaccination, fostering trust and confidence among the public. The meeting gave suggestions on how the book can be improved to ensure the successful use of the book by health promoters in the County including community health volunteers.

Developing the Work Plan

The stakeholder’s meeting also facilitated the development of a robust COVID-19 vaccination campaign work plan. This plan encompassed a range of activities, including awareness campaigns, community engagement, targeted outreach to vulnerable populations, and logistical considerations such as vaccine storage and distribution. By aligning efforts and resources, the stakeholders ensured a coordinated and efficient approach to maximize the impact of the vaccination campaign in Makueni County.

The VAN Project

The Vaccination Action Network (VAN) project is supported by Rockefeller Foundation through AMREF-Kenya with an aim to increase demand and access to Covid-19 vaccination through Local Implementation in Makueni and Turkana County.

The initiative seeks to create awareness among community members on the importance of getting vaccinated against Covid-19 and to mobilize resources to support the county’s health systems in delivering the vaccine.

To achieve this, PanAfricare-Kenya has engaged with local community leaders and resource persons, healthcare workers, and other stakeholders to sensitize on the benefits of vaccination and create demand for vaccination.

The project is also utilizing mainstream and social media to disseminate information on Covid-19 vaccination and address any concerns or misinformation that may exist in the community. Continuous close collaboration with the county government, local health facilities, and other stakeholders has been utilized to ensure that the vaccination drive is efficient and effective.

By doing so, PanAfricare-Kenya aims to contribute to the global effort to control the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure that the people of Makueni and Turkana County are protected against the disease.


Story by Dominic Kosgei, Communications Officer, PanAfricare Kenya