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PanAfricare Kenya hosts Bayer Fund


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PanAfricare Kenya hosted a delegation from Bayer who visited the project sites in Turkwel, Turkana County.. The team had an opportunity to interact with the communities PanAfricare works with and community farms supported by the organization under the IMPACT Program.
The delegation was led by PanAfricare Kenya Country Director Dominic Godana, who reiterated PanAfricare’s commitment to enhancing production and access to nutritious food. “The IMPACT Program is designed to ease access to healthcare, food and to improve agricultural activities. We believe these are the keys ways of sustainably reducing the rates of malnutrition.”
Mildred Pita, Bayer’s Head of Public Affairs Science Sustainability Africa emphasized Bayer’s keen interest in the project. “We are here to represent a large team who are happy to note the success of this program launched in 2019. At Bayer, our goal is to have hunger-free Africa and health for all.” She added that Bayer supports several health and agriculture projects in Kenya.
The team also paid a courtesy call to Turkana County Ministry of Health and Sanitation County Executive Committee Jane Ajele thanking her for the County Government’s support. Dominic Godana highlighted that the County Government has been critical in the implementation of the IMPACT Program. “We closely work with county health officials including the nutritionists, community health workers and health volunteers. Their support is important in the success of this project.”
The delegation included Dr. Michael Heerde, Bayer Director of Global Health Programs, and Susan Kandie, Bayer Crop Science CSE and PASS Liaison Officer.
The IMPACT Program is funded by the Bayer Fund. The Program’s goals are to reduce the rates of malnourishment through agricultural and health interventions.