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A Farmer’s Story of Scarcity to Success


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We are thrilled to share a remarkable success story from Kangirega Farm, located in the heart of Katilu Ward, Turkana South Sub-County. Under the IMPACT Program funded by Bayer Fund and implemented in collaboration with the County Government of Turkana, the farm has been subdivided among program beneficiaries and today we celebrate the inspiring journey of Pastor Ekidor, one of our dedicated farmers at the farm.

Nestled along the bustling Kainuk – Lodwar highway, Kangirega Farm faced numerous challenges, primarily due to the scarcity of water in the region. However, with our unwavering commitment to empowering the local community and creating sustainable solutions, we recognized that the presence of water could transform the farm’s potential.

Through the IMPACT Program, PanAfricare provided comprehensive capacity-building and built farm infrastructure to support Pastor Ekidor and his fellow farmers. With access to crucial resources, innovative farming techniques, and guidance from agriculture officers, Ekidor overcame the obstacles and became a beacon of hope for the community.

“The borehole is really important here because we hardly receive any rain. Irrigation has made all these possible.” Pastor Ekidor.

Today, Ekidor’s beaming smile is a testament to his success. Riding his motorcycle, he traverses local markets, proudly showcasing and selling freshly harvested watermelons from his farm. By leveraging the big harvest, Ekidor has not only been able to meet his family’s dietary needs but also generate surplus produce, significantly increasing his household income.


This heartwarming achievement is a testament that it is possible to promote and achieve sustainable agriculture and enhance food security even in arid regions such as  Turkana County.

By harnessing the power of collaboration and community engagement, PanAfricare implements programs that not only transform lives but also uplift the entire community.